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Macbeth Redesign 3rd Year Project


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Macbeth - By William Shakespeare

The costume explores the juxtaposition of femininity and masculinity that is present in the Macbeth's; focusing on Lady Macbeth's obsession with power and strength that contradicts the traditional, passive role of a wife. Emphasising her harshness and aggression by combining the silhouette from the period 1910-1915 with contemporary textiles that could be used to bring a hard edge to the softer style of dress.

Researching the Edwardian's fascination with flowers and their meanings and I decided to incorporate a floral print into my design; using something considered beautiful and delicate but that means the opposite, I used Ginger - ambition, White Hollyhock - female ambition and Starwort - welcome to a stranger, referencing Lady Macbeth's true nature and her false face of civility. I used the flowers to create a CAD embroidery design and I photographed some decaying flowers manipulating the image to create a kaleidoscope effect and turning this into a digital print.

For the silhouette I manipulated the jacket pattern, embracing a stronger, more defined shoulder creating the impression of masculine shoulders that suggest power and dominance. I also incorporated sharp edges and points on the jacket and dress referencing the sharp point of a blade and the danger associated with a knife.