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Film and TV

'A Foreign God'


The story of a vulnerable man's struggle to cling onto his talisman, all consuming faith. The film follows Thomas, a homeless man, from self imposed solitude to crushing disillusionment as he battles with increasing interference  to his belief. A lost soul wandering through the streets of Edinburgh, he searches for divine meaning and and renegotiates his position in society. I ran the costume department for this film, my main responsibilities were designing and organising as well as being on set during filming. I worked with the director to achieve his creative vision and with a small team I designed the costumes for 14 characters, breaking down and distressing a number for the homeless characters. I was in charge of controlling a small budget so devised a budget plan for the film and with this sourced costume pieces.

Film and TV




As we watch the life of Sarah drain away through the eyes of her fragmented mother we piece together the tragic path her daughter has chosen.

For this film I was in charge of the wardrobe on set, organising the costumes, dressing the actors and maintaining continuity whilst filming. I worked with the designers to get a clear understanding of the looks they were creating.

Film and TV

‘From The Hill’


‘From The Hill I Can See Everything That Happened To Us Here’ - Neon Eye Films

Grace, Annabelle, Thomas, Eliot and Susanna are five young adults living in the beautiful and ancient, yet mercurial and drunk city of Edinburgh. They waste away hours in clubs and bars and sleep away the daylight in expensive flats. To be young, rich, beautiful and free is all we hope for …

And yet, after the death of their friend Clinton, a shocking start to the film that sends ripples through the remaining storyline, existential angst crawls out of the woodwork like worms. The bonds of their friendship and the bounds of their sanity begin to deteriorate, with the express help of the beautiful, Machiavellian main character, Grace.

I was head costume designer on this full length feature film. I was in charge of organising the team, looked after petty cash, and created budgets, call sheets and schedules. I made sure these schedules were followed and overall monitored the day to day running of the department. As the costume designer for the production I researched and designed for all the characters. I also sourced appropriate clothing from high street and charity shops keeping within the budget. On set I dressed the actors, helped with set dressing and kept notes on the costumes for continuity checks.