The Exterminating Angel

Bunuel’s surreal black comedy is a parable that satirizes social norms, artistic pretension, moral hypocrisy, and the Catholic Church. Luis Buñuel was strongly connected to the surrealist movement and I’d like to convey a connection to surrealism through the costume and style of the cinematography.  I’m interested in exploring the disintegration of social behaviours that happens as the group remain trapped in the room and theseven deadly sins that the characters represent. 

Further Concept Information:
The design inspiration for the characters costumes was inspired initially by a slightly futuristic, fantasy style – films that I’ve taken inspiration from include Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola and The Hunger Games by Gary Ross. I wanted to explore the wealth and excess of the society group and represent this through exaggerated shape, 3D textiles and pastel and primary tones. I’m interested in exploring a fantasy element creating a world in the film where the social divide between the rich and the poor is represented by the stark difference in clothing – colour, shape and textiles – the excess of the wealth shown through the society group comments on the continued extensive divide between the haves and the have nots, I’ve explored the Surrealist Ball held by the Marie-Hélène De Rothschild on December 12, 1972 and use this as a basis for creating the party scene held by the Nobile’s.